Technology Links

This page represents websites that children have visited and used.  These websites work on various skills and provide learning opportunities for practice in specific content areas as well as browsing for pleasure.

Subject K-4 5-8
Fine Arts Thanksgiving Games

Pumpkin Carving
On-line painting of Easter pictures
Easter Egg Hunt
Easter Egg Hunt 2
Butterfly Matching
Fall Memory Game
Spring Memory Game

Famous Artists
Metropolitan Museum
Museum of Contemporary Art
National Gallery of Art
Web Museum Artist Index
Language Arts STARFALL

Books for Kids On-line
Free Rice
Lil Fingers Storytime
Story Place

Make a Comic Strip

Nouns - 3rd grade

Bibliography Composer
Duke University Citing Sources
Free Rice
Landmarks Son of Citation Machine
MLA Secondary Citation Creator

American Kennel Club
Kennel Club UK
What is a Breed?

Make a Comic Strip

Newton Public Schools 5th Grade Activities


Fisher-Price Learning

Draper Library Bibliography Maker

Government Research Link for Kids

Mathematics Connect the Dots (Numbers)

AAA Math
Preschool activities
On-line Math Activities
Micro World Interactive Math Site
Place Value

3rd Grade Newton Website

AAA Math
On-line Math Activities
Music Children's Music Web
Play Music
Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Interactive On-line Musical Experience
Play Music

NWEA Rdg K-1

Physical Education    
Science Trees - Pierre

Simple Machines - Edheads
Shamu Webcam
Earth Day Website

Funschool Activities

Weather Unit Sites
Clouds (NASA) -- Forecasting - NOAA
Weather Look It Up   -- ProTeacher:Weather
Weather and Disasters
Weather Games ---- Weather Maker
Weather Safety ---- Weather Stories

Windows to the Universe

Magnet lesson

Rainforests Links

Space - Magic School Bus Game

Grade 4 Skeletal System Unit

Mystery of the XFish
Gross & Cool Body

Human Body
Respiratory System

Ms. McCormick's Weather Site

Scholastic Weather Watch

Moon Phase Images

Moon Challenge

Lunar Eclipse for Beginners

Sky Watching

Solar Eclipses for Beginners

Moon Phases


Zunal Webquest

Human Body Webquest (by Zunal)

Social Studies State of Maine Kids Site
Maine History
Native American History Pathfinder
Global Trek by Scholastic
Map and Map Games
Enchanted Learning

Rocks & Minerals

Learn about the Constitution
Maine Memory Network
Maine Historical Society
Maine History
Native American History Pathfinder
Global Trek by Scholastic
Geography - Mr. Beeton
My Wonderful World
Map and Map Games
Cell Theory History

Informing Citizens of Their Rights

African Americans in the West:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Industrial Revolution Links

The History Place   ----    Child Laborers

Daily Life   

Children During the Industrial Revolution

Child Factory Workers   ----   Effects

Additional Links

Individual Minerís Stories  ----   Child Miners

Additional Links

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 Agricultural Changes  --  Additional Links

Hot Off the Press

Newsies Strike!

Additional Links

Life in Ancient Greece - Mr. Howell
Pages 4-5       Pages 6-7       Pages 8-9      
Pages 10-11       Pages 12-13      Pages 14-15
Pages 16-17    Pages 18-19    Pages 20-21
Pages 22-23      Pages 24-25    Pages 26-27
Pages 28-29      Pages 30-31      Page 32

Computers ABC YA
Free Online Typing Program
Internet Safety
Net Smart in Maine
Yahoo Learn
Valentine's Activities
St. Patrick's Day Blocks Game

St. Patrick's Day Primary Games

Free On-line Typing Program
Internet Safety
Navigating the Web   
Yahoo Learn

Student 5-8 Survey

Protecting Teens and Children -
 Online resources

Basic Computer Skills

6th Grade Websites

Web Search Basics Lessons

Web Lessons

Free On-line Computer Lessons

Microsoft Windows Tutorial

Introduction to Computers - Hardware

Teacher Resources  Lesson Plans on the Web
 Lesson Plans on the Web

Fourth Grade Web Sites (

Billy Bear Valentine Games

Recent fun websites used in the Library:

Visit the Northpole:

Send an E-mail to our troops:
cute Penquin Show for a smile:
Snowflakes:  and

Annotated Bibliography of Science Websites